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Collaborating Rotary Clubs
Florence / Italy  London / United Kingdom
Amsterdam / Nederlands  Madrid / Spain
Athens / Greece  Tours / France
Brussels /  Belgium  Wien-Ring / Austria
Dublin / Ireland  Wuerzburg / Germany
Cobenhavn / Denmark


In 1975 the international “Leonardo da Vinci” prize was initiated and founded by the Florence Rotary Club together with the collaboration and support of Tours, Athens and Wien-Ring Rotary Clubs. In the following years, the following European Clubs joined the initiative as well:

  • 1983 Brussels, Rotary Club/Belgium
  • 1984 London Rotary Club/England
  • 1984 Wuerzburg Rotary Club/Germany
  • 1989 Amsterdam Rotary Club/Netherlands
  • 2006 Dublin Rotary Club/Ireland
  • 2017 Copenhagen Rotary Club/Denmark

As described in the rules, with this initiative we intend to award a prize to young researchers who distinguish themselves in any field of activity. The title of the prize “Leonardo da Vinci” -, whose genius covered every branch of human knowledge, confirms the precise intention of the promoting clubs to open this prize up to any discipline in art and science.


Art. 1 The institution aims to draw the attention to the
opinion to young men/lady of great talent who distinguish themselves in any field of human activity.

Click on [History-Premio-Leonardo] to download a brief history of this award. For a list of all 44 prize winners, click [here]

Next Assembly in Florence from May, 24th to May, 26th, 2019

Invitation to Leonardo Award at RC Florence and  Program

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